Tips for Special Ops: Operation Harbinger

Ensure the safety of MAGE and figure out the details of El Traficante’s “major shipment” with these tips, courtesy of our finest in-house Armistice Operator team.

Tips for Special Ops: Operation Harbinger

Ensure the safety of MAGE and figure out the details of El Traficante’s “major shipment” with these tips, courtesy of our finest in-house Armistice Operator team.

“Gather intel on the whereabouts of local informant MAGE and verify his reports of a ‘major shipment’ leaving Verdansk.”

(Warning: Minor spoilers inbound; also, you may want to play the first four Operations before reading this post)

Over the course of four Operations in Verdansk, you evicted its slumlord-in-chief’s weapon stashes, zeroed in on the whereabouts of Mr. Z, and joined the mile-high club by recovering a nuclear core and skydiving with it out of a plane.

Now, as part of the latest release of content, the story of Special Ops continues with Operation Harbinger.

While not spoiling too much, here’s what Armistice will be up against this time in Verdansk, as well as what you can do to accomplish the Operation at hand:

Operation Harbinger in Brief

After multiple successful Operations (the first four Special Ops experiences), Al-Qatala has grown desperate and called on the aid of El Traficante (the trafficker).

El Traficante is a notorious kingpin of a worldwide smuggling operation. Kate Laswell said he is known to protect his network of contraband customers and suppliers tightly, as well as himself.

Armistice’s lead local asset, known as MAGE, reported that El Traficante was making a major shipment at sunset. The morning of the shipment MAGE sent out a distress signal at 7 a.m., which was the last contact made between him and Armistice.

Your Operation, if you choose to accept it, is to save the local informant, who is said to be held in an Al-Qatala safehouse located in northern Verdansk and gather enough intel to stop this shipment before enemy forces have a chance to strike.

Top-10 Tips for Operation Harbinger

10.Know your roles (and loadouts). A tip that applies to every Operation in Special Ops: a well-rounded team may be able to tackle this Operation better than four soldiers with equal loadouts and roles. Plan with your squadmates to cover a wide variety of engagement types and diversify your equipment, even if you just met in the safehouse. Also, remember that all your loadouts and progress carries over to Multiplayer!

9. Gather that intel. Throughout this Operation, you will be asked to infiltrate safehouses and take snapshots of documents and cash. While eliminating foot soldiers, be quick in gathering any intel you may come across, as taking too long may cause enemy forces to surround your squad.

8. Gather ALL the intel! After completing an initial intel sweep, Laswell and Sgt. Kamarov will need an ample amount of time to analyze it. During these phases, your squad will have to survive against hordes of enemies. Finding additional intel pieces around the area will shave 30 seconds off the clock in these defensive phases, which will make this part of the Operation easier. In short, the more intel you gather, the less time your squad must deal with aggressive hostile forces.

7. Defend the intel gatherers. Although gathering intel is important, an Operator will be left vulnerable for a few seconds while taking snapshots. So, an entire squad might not want to all be on intel duty, but rather consider defending one player who can gather intel and heal teammates if necessary. Those on defensive duty can also call out intel locations for the gatherer to collect and speed up these portions of the Operation.

6. Munitions and launchers make quick work of heavy armor. In previous Operations, your squad dealt with heavily armored vehicles. Operation Harbinger is no different; you may want to ask a squadmate to pack a launcher and some explosive Munitions, such as a Cluster Strike, to deal with these war machines.

5. Break out the big guns for Juggernauts. Also making a return for this Operation are Juggernauts. While powerful Munitions and launchers can also bring down Juggernauts, another potentially viable strategy is to use a light machine gun and the Engineer’s Armor Piercing passive ability to rip through that armor. No matter how you tackle these beasts, do so as quickly as possible before its minigun wipes out the whole squad.

4. Protect the informant! Should you gather enough intel, your squad may find the informant held captive. Much like the intel gathering phase, one Operator must carry him to safety as hostile forces close in. Fortunately, this Operator can use a weapon while carrying this informant, but whoever is doing so should remember that the informant can’t take too much damage. If the path to safety is overrun with enemies, placing the informant down in a safe location before doing battle is not a bad idea.

3. Keep your distance from bombers. As you progress further into Operation Harbinger, there could be Al-Qatala forces that will charge at you and the informant to deal massive damage. While it may be tough to avoid these evildoers, a well-trained sniper or fast-firing CQB specialist can deal with them quick enough to mitigate their deadly blasts. With this in mind, you may want to have the informant carrier protected by allies in the front, so that they may sweep these bombers and other foes before the carrier brings the informant to safety.

2. Avoid those mortars. During the last part of the Operation, you may encounter enemy mortar strikes that are aimed at your vehicles. If one of your squad members is a better driver than the rest, you may want to put them at the wheel so they can swerve past these nasty explosions.

1. Eliminate all hostile forces. One of the most important tips we have for this Operation applies across the entire timeline of events: Operation Harbinger is easier when the full brunt of an enemy wave is not crashing on your back. Be methodical in clearing out Al-Qatala forces, and El Traficante’s shipment plans will surely fail.

We’ll see you online. Stay frosty.


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