Gambit Free Trial Weekend for All Destiny 2 Players Includes All Gambit Maps and Enemies

Try the complete Gambit experience on all platforms from Sept. 21 to Sept. 23 and face the challenge of PvE and PvP combat combined.

Destiny 2: Forsaken - Last Wish Raid Trailer

Bungie and Activision Team Up with Rockstar Energy Drink!

Collect Destiny 2: Forsaken Rockstar Energy Drink cans to win legendary prizes and prepare your Guardian to compete in the Rockstar Riots!

Get the Most out of the Free Gambit Trial With This Strategy Guide

Devastate your opponents in Gambit by learning these tricks and tips!

Prepare Your Guardians for Destiny 2: Forsaken

Prepare yourself for new adventures on the Reef by catching up with the improvements in Update 2.0 to weapons, armor, subclasses, and more!

Avenge Cayde-6 in Destiny 2: Forsaken!

Avenge Cayde in Destiny’s most transformative experience yet, and track down Uldren and his Barons.

Bungie’s David “DeeJ” Dague Talks Destiny 2: Forsaken!

Everyone is eager for Destiny 2: Forsaken, and as we head into the final days ahead of the launch, we caught up with DeeJ to get some inside information about the highly anticipated game.

Cayde’s Last Stand, Gambit Gameplay and a Free Gambit Trial!

Witness Cayde’s last stand! Watch Gambit gameplay! Learn how YOU can play Gambit for free! Lots of news coming out of Gamescom, but.... that trailer. We’re still holding back the tears. Forsaken can’t get here soon enough.

Diary of a Guardian: The Arcologies of Titan

Enjoy your trip to the ocean while avoiding the monsters who want to rip you limb from limb!

Combat in Destiny 2: Year Two Will Be Faster and Deadlier

Sharpshooters will be more lethal, grenades will be scarier, and weapons will be even more finely-tuned tools of destruction with the changes coming to combat in Destiny 2, Year Two.

Check out the Destiny 2: Forsaken - Dreaming City Trailer

Destiny 2 - See How You’ll Fight!

Tune into Bungie’s Year Two Combat Reveal Stream to find out how you’ll fight in the game.

Diary of a Guardian: A Visit to Mercury’s Gorgeous Past

One of the most beautiful gifts granted to humanity by the Traveler, destroyed by the malevolence of the Vex

Helping Bring Destiny to Life – An Interview with Activision’s Pam Piscitello

Activision’s Pam Piscitello talks about working with a team to create live-action trailers, Collector’s Editions, and kick ass Hunters

Four Epic Adventures, One Legendary Collection - Announcing the Destiny 2: Forsaken - Legendary Collection!

Experience the Most Transformative Moment in Destiny 2 with Destiny 2: Forsaken, available worldwide on September 4.

Solstice of Heroes begins on Tuesday, July 31st at 10am Pacific!

New Weapons and Armor Arriving in Destiny 2: Forsaken!

New Destiny 2 Update Paves the Way for The Solstice of Heroes

Take on the challenge of Bounties, enjoy enhanced Exotic armor, reach new levels of Power, and begin tracking your Triumphs!

Destiny 2 - Solstice of Heroes Launches on July 31

This event allows the inhabitants of the City to celebrate and thank Guardians for bravely defending them. Read on for the full details from Bungie!

Destiny 2 Free Weekend Starts June 29!

Experience the full Destiny 2 campaign and Crucible for free this weekend, and keep your progress if you decide to continue your adventure.

Diary of a Guardian: An Evening At BrayTech Futurescape

Look out for the monstrous Frozen Hive and soldiers of the Red Legion during your self-guided tour.

Destiny 2 Fans React to Gambit in Destiny 2: Forsaken at E3

Guardians from far and wide were able to get their hands on Gambit, the new activity in Destiny 2: Forsaken, and they’re loving it!

Experiencing Gambit in Destiny 2: Forsaken at E3!

How well can you manage a 4-person Fireteam while drowning in waves of enemies, fighting Taken monsters, and fending off Guardians trying to kill you?

Competitive, Cooperative Hybrid Activity – Check out the Trailer for Gambit in Destiny 2: Forsaken!

You thought trying to beat Guardians in the Crucible was difficult? Try fighting off a Guardian and powerful enemies at the same time!

The Hunt is on! New Story Trailer for Destiny 2: Forsaken!

Join Cayde-6 and put down a breakout from the Prison of Elders the hard way.

Activision at E3 2018 – Destiny 2: Forsaken Preview

Destiny 2 fans at E3 2018 will be able to play a brand-new hybrid mode straight out of Forsaken! Won’t be at the show? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Announcing Forsaken, The First Major Expansion For Destiny 2!

Bring justice to the Reef, explore an entire city devoted to endgame content, defeat a new Raid, discover new Supers, and tackle a new, hybrid game mode beginning September 4, 2018

Get Ready For The Live Reveal of Destiny 2, Year Two

On June 5, prepare for an inside look at the future of Destiny 2! While you wait, find out about all of the updates that Bungie revealed last week!

Destiny 2’s Season 3 Quality of Life Updates Make Life Better For All Guardians

Read all about the updates that make your loot management much simpler in Destiny 2!

Diary of a Guardian: The Glacial Drift Of Mars

Enjoy the beauty of the Martian icecap, but be on your toes because the beautiful surroundings can quickly turn very deadly.

Explore Warmind’s Unique Additions To Destiny 2

Only the craftiest and most daring Guardians will solve the puzzles and conquer the challenges of Hellas Basin on Mars. Do you have what it takes?

Destiny 2 Expansion II: Warmind Brings New Gear, Endgame Content and Activities to Players

Warmind is now available! Experience a new chapter in the world of Destiny 2 with the untold story of Ana Bray and more!

Face Down The Hive And Prepare To Save Rasputin With The Official Trailer for Warmind

Get an early look at Destiny 2’s newest expansion which launches on Tuesday, May 8!

Awesome Exotics And New Crucible Challenges Arrive With Destiny 2, Season 3

The third season of Destiny 2 adds new weapons that players will love getting their hands on.

Bungie And Vicarious Visions Reveal The Exciting Content In Destiny 2’s New Expansion, Warmind

Save Rasputin, Destroy The Hive, And Wield Awesome New Gear

Bungie Announces Warmind, Expansion II for Destiny 2

The next chapter in the Destiny 2 saga will begin on May 8!

How to Trigger Heroic Public Events in Destiny 2

Follow these steps battle more powerful enemies and claim greater rewards.

The Destiny 2 March Update is Available Now!

Changes galore to the Crucible and sandbox, unique Nightfall rewards, and more! Check out what’s coming to Destiny 2.

Love Your Fellow Guardians and Earn Rewards During Crimson Days in Destiny 2!

Enjoy new emotes, shaders, Sparrows, Ghosts, and the return of a classic Crucible map

New Development Roadmap Reveals Upcoming Changes to Destiny 2

Guardians have new challenges, powerful gear, and more to look forward to in Destiny 2

This Week at Bungie, They Deployed an Update to Destiny 2

Updates, roadmaps, and more! Bungie has packed a lot of information into this week’s ’This Week at Bungie,’ so take a look!

This Week at Bungie, Details About the Next Update to Destiny 2

This week at Bungie, they’ve got the inside scoop on the next update to Destiny 2.

Rockstar Energy Drink Will Reward the Crucible’s Greatest Guardians with Awesome Prizes!

Dominate the Crucible to win a legendary Destiny 2-themed motorcycle, Alienware Aurora gaming PC, and more

This Week at Bungie, The Factions Have Returned

There has been a lot of feedback on some of the changes made to Faction Rallies in Season 2, and Bungie’s Cozmo has listed some of the larger topics. There is an ongoing process at Bungie to assess how they want to change Destiny 2 in the weeks to come, and your voice is a crucial part of it.

This Week at Bungie, They’re Forecasting Some Future Updates

Bungie’s weekly blog address is back from its winter nap. They hope you all had happy holidays and enjoyed the Dawning while it lasted. Speaking of the Dawning, they have a lot of feedback about how it could have been better, along with a lot of ideas for Destiny 2. Buckle up and get ready to read, because they’ve taken that feedback and turned it into a plan for future updates.

How to use the Deadly Snowballs of The Dawning

Enjoy a powerful new addition to your arsenal during the holiday celebration!

Give Your Guardian a Happy Holiday with a Gift from the Bungie Store

From jackets to toys to stocking stuffers, here are some Items that every Destiny 2 fan will enjoy

Celebrate the Holiday Season in Destiny 2 with The Dawning!

Guardians, the Tower will be festive and coated with snow beginning December 19.

The magic of Amazon’s Alexa gives Destiny 2 players a real-life Ghost!

The Destiny 2 Ghost Skill for Alexa, voiced by Nolan North, provides players with an innovative, interactive experience never seen before in a video game.

Get Ready for the First Destiny 2 Expansion!

The Destiny 2 - Expansion I: Curse of Osiris is set to add more to your experience, beginning on December 5.

Destiny Sparrows in der Realität?

Nitro Circus-Stars unterziehen die Destiny-Sparrows einem Test und versuchen, die Tricks aus dem Spiel in der Realität nachzumachen.

Destiny Sparrows in Real Life?

Nitro Circus stars put Destiny’s Sparrows to the test as they attempt to recreate tricks from the game in real life.

Destiny 2 – Review Roundup

Destiny 2 is now available worldwide, and has delivered the biggest console video game launch week of the year so far! Take a look at what the critics have been saying, and go see for yourself why you should be playing this highly anticipated game.

Inside Bungie: What Did the Devs Do on Launch Day?

Destiny 2 launched one week ago, and we wondered if the team at Bungie had any launch day rituals, habits, traditions, or anything else they do once the game they have been working on tirelessly for years has finally been released to the wild!

Destiny 2 Is Now Available Worldwide!

At times It might may have felt like the highly anticipated Destiny 2 would never arrive, but rest assured that the moment is finally upon us. Prepare to defend the world from annihilation, Guardian.

Setting Out: Story and Design in Destiny 2

We have spent a lot of time playing Destiny 2, and we caught up with Project Lead Mark Noseworthy to talk about the characters, design, and layout of Destiny 2. Read on for our preview and interview!

Guardians, Fuel up for the Fight with Rockstar Energy and Pop-Tarts!

Bungie and Activision are excited to announce partnerships with Rockstar Energy Drink and Pop-Tarts with custom offers to celebrate the launch of Destiny 2

Bungie’s Destiny 2 Story Team at San Diego Comic-Con

Destiny 2 Game Director Luke Smith took a panel chock full of the Destiny 2 story and cinematics leads, along with actor Lance Reddick, through the story of the epic sci-fi shooter coming on September 6 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and for PC on October 24.

Early Access for the Destiny 2 Beta Starts Today!

Jump into Bungie’s latest as the Destiny 2 Beta kicks off today with Early Access starting on the PlayStation 4. Here’s a taste of what Guardians will experience as the epic adventure unfolds.

Big Show Ready to Face Ghaul in Destiny 2!

The star of the WWE ring is a huge Destiny fan, and takes his duty as a Guardian very seriously

Destiny 2 Lights Up E3 with a New Trailer, New Launch Date, Beta Details, and More!

Check out everything Destiny 2 has going on at E3, and prepare yourself to go hands-on in the Beta

Experiencing the Destiny 2 Campaign in Homecoming

Our thoughts after playing part of the opening campaign mission in Destiny 2. Spoiler Alert: We loved it.

Going Hands-On with Destiny 2!

At the Destiny 2 Gameplay Reveal in Los Angeles, Calfornia, we were able to get some time in the Inverted Spire Strike, PVP, and the Homecoming level of the campaign. Watch the gameplay and see what we thought about it inside.

Bungie and Activision Pull Back the Curtain on Destiny 2!

The worldwide gameplay reveal takes a deep dive into the new, action-packed, character-driven story and features of Destiny 2, including the fact that it will be playable on PC through Blizzard’s service.

Destiny 2 Partnerships Expand the Game Beyond the Screen

Multiple brands will provide real-world loot items to fans of Destiny 2!

Xur’s Wares: May 12, 2017

A look at what the Agent of the Nine is selling this week.

Xur’s Wares: May 5, 2017

A look at what the Agent of the Nine is selling this week.

Xur’s Wares: April 28, 2017

A look at what the Agent of the Nine is selling this week.

Why I Love Iron Banner, and You Should Too

A look at Destiny’s week long event.

Xur’s Wares: April 7, 2017

A look at what the Agent of the Nine is selling this week.

More Age, More Triumph!

Follow along as we continue to explore Destiny’s Age of Triumph

Xur’s Wares: March 31, 2017

A look at what the Agent of the Nine is selling this week.

The Age of Triumph Has Begun!

Some helpful tips on where to get started in Destiny’s latest Live Event.

Destiny 2 Announced

Blockbuster Sequel to the Biggest New Console Video Game Franchise Launch of All-Time Set for September 8!

Xur’s Wares: March 24, 2017

A look at what the Agent of the Nine is selling this week.

Sandbox, Ornaments, and Armor - Oh My!

Details from the final reveal for Destiny’s Age of Triumph

Weekly Rituals, Revealed!

A Look at Treasure of Ages, Daybreak Strikes, and more new activities in store with Destiny’s Age of Triumph update

Xur’s Wares: March 17, 2017

A look at what the Agent of the Nine is selling this week.

Xur’s Wares: March 10, 2017

A look at what the Agent of the Nine is selling this week.

Age of Triumph: Revealed!

Updated Raids, New Gear, and a Big New Record Book, find out what’s coming in the next Destiny update.

Fireteams IRL: Making Friends with Destiny

Sometimes the friends you make shooting space aliens are the ones you’ll end up having BBQ with.

Meet the Team: Luke Guidici

A brief introduction to Luke, the new Destiny contributor on the Activision Games Blog

Xur’s Wares: March 3, 2017

A look at what the Agent of the Nine is selling this week.

DeeJ, The Dawning, Destiny, and You

Bungie’s David Dague talks about The Dawning, the latest event to unfold inside the world of Destiny: Rise of Iron

Bungie’s Scott Taylor Has Details About The Dawning

The Rise of Iron executive producer and member of Bungie’s Live Team takes us into the inner workings of Destiny’s latest event

New Destiny Content Coming in The Dawning!

The Dawning will bring Sparrow Racing League back to Destiny along with lots of goodies starting on December 13.

Activision Black Friday Deals!

Save on the Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Legacy Edition, Destiny – The Collection, Skylanders Imaginators and Guitar Hero Live!

Festival of the Lost Returns to Destiny: Rise of Iron

Prepare yourself for fun and festivities, tricks and treats!

Are You Heroic Enough, Guardian?

Wrath of the Machine Heroic Mode Launches Today!

Destiny: Rise of Iron Review Roundup

It’s been two weeks since Rise of Iron launched onto consoles around the world. Check out what people are saying about Destiny’s latest adventure.

Destiny: Rise of Iron Now Available

A brand-new adventure with the Iron Lords lies ahead.

Destiny – The Collection kommt am 20. September

Fünf Abenteuer in einer Blockbuster-Collection: Heute enthüllen Bungie und Activision den perfekten Einstieg für neue Hüter in die Schlacht um das Überleben der Menschheit: Destiny – The Collection.

Destiny : La Collection arrive le 20 septembre

Bungie et Activision ont révélé le meilleur moyen pour les nouveaux Gardiens de rejoindre le combat pour sauver l’humanité, avec Destiny : La Collection.

Destiny - The Collection Arrives on September 20

Five Adventures in One Blockbuster Collection

Bungie Talks Destiny: Rise of Iron, The Return of the Gjallarhorn, and More

Learn more about the new expansion for Destiny launching September 20.

Destiny: Das Erwachen der Eisernen Lords enthüllt, Verkaufsstart 20. September 2016

Sieh dir den ersten Trailer zu Destinys nächster Erweiterung an.

Destiny: Rise of Iron Revealed, Launching September 20

Watch the reveal trailer for Destiny’s next expansion.

Learn About The Next Adventure in Destiny

Tune in this week as Bungie shares a glimpse of what awaits you later this year.

Destiny’s April Update: Learn About Rewards

Bungie recaps the new rewards launching with Destiny’s upcoming update.

New Things to Do in Destiny’s April Update

Check out the official Bungie blog for a recap of some of the new activities launching in April’s update.

New Challenges, New Gear, and More Arrive in Destiny on April 12

Bungie details the April update in a new blog post.

Go Behind-the-Scenes of the Sounds of Destiny

Learn more about the voices, music, and atmosphere of Destiny.

Destiny’s Crimson Days Event Begins February 9

Pair up with the Guardian closest to you in this new limited-time event.

Destiny: The Taken King — Introducing Sparrow Racing

Get ready for an all-new limited time event.

Destiny: The Taken King Review Round-Up

See what critics are saying about The Taken King.

Destiny: The Taken King – New ’King’s Fall’ Raid Available Now

The much-anticipated six-player Raid has arrived.

Destiny: The Taken King Sets New Record for Day-One Downloads on PS4

More people played Destiny on The Taken King launch day than at the original Destiny debut

What People Are Saying About Destiny: The Taken King

Check out critics’ first impressions of The Taken King.

Destiny: The Taken King – Bringing The New Supers to Life

We built real-life recreations of The Taken King’s awesome new supers.

Destiny: The Taken King Launch Guide

Catch up on all that’s new in The Taken King and Destiny year two.

Destiny: The Taken King Now Available

The next great adventure has begun.

Watch the Destiny: The Taken King Live Action Trailer

Prepare for Oryx’s arrival on September 15.

Destiny: The Taken King — Try Out New Crucible Maps and Modes for Free

Crucible Preview Event set for September 8 through September 14.

Get an Early Look at Destiny: The Taken King with Bungie LIVE

Tune in for live gameplay and reveals each week, starting Wednesday, August 19.

Watch the Destiny: The Taken King Prologue Cinematic

Learn more about what awaits you this September.

Destiny: The Taken King “We Are Guardians” Trailer Released

Plus, Bungie reveals that every edition of The Taken King will include a character boost.

Check Out the Limited Edition Destiny: The Taken King PlayStation 4 Bundle

Bundle to feature custom console, Destiny: The Taken King Legendary Edition, and more.

Destiny to Be Featured on New Custom-Designed Red Bull Cans

Unlock an epic in-game adventure and rewards.

Destiny: The Taken King — Everything You Need to Know

Learn all about the new story, new subclasses, and more.

Destiny: The Taken King Revealed, Launching September 15

Watch the world premiere trailer.

Destiny Expansion II: House of Wolves Now Available

New activities and events, story missions, Crucible maps, and more.

Destiny Expansion II: House of Wolves — Everything You Need to Know

Learn all about the new activities, weapons and gear, and more launching on May 19.

Watch the Destiny Expansion II: House of Wolves Launch Trailer

See all the new expansion has to offer.

Save Up to 50% On Destiny This Week

Get discounts on Destiny and other titles from May 12 until May 18*

Go Behind-the-Scenes of Destiny Expansion II: House of Wolves

Watch the new preview video to learn more about Prison of Elders, Trials of Osiris, the new social space, story content, and more.

Destiny’s Prison of Elders Introduces New Cooperative Challenge, Significant Rewards

We go hands-on with the new PVE mode launching with Destiny Expansion II: House of Wolves.

Destiny Expansion II: House of Wolves — Hands-on with Trials of Osiris

Get a closer look at the new competitive multiplayer event launching May 19.

Get a First Look at Destiny Expansion II: House of Wolves

Tune in Wednesday, April 22 at 11:00am PT as Bungie gives a guided tour of The Reef.

Destiny Expansion II: House of Wolves Arriving May 19

Watch the new prologue trailer.

Destiny Awarded for Best Technology at the Game Developers Choice Awards

Bungie recognized for excellence in game technology at tonight’s awards.

Introducing Destiny’s Inferno Mode and Mobile Vault Management for the Companion App

Get ready for a new Crucible gametype, plus Vault management on the go.

Destiny Update Introduces Weekly Heroic Strike Matchmaking, Improved Progression Tracking

Available now for all supported platforms.

Learn More About Destiny’s Cosmodrome LIVE with Bungie

Plus, upcoming changes to how you track reputation.

Destiny Wins Action Game of the Year and More at the DICE Awards

Bungie takes home four awards.

Take a Guided Tour of Venus in Destiny LIVE with Bungie

Tune in Friday at 1:00pm PT for a live broadcast with Senior Artist Blake Low and MoreConsole.

Take on Hard Mode for Destiny’s Crota’s End Raid

Face new challenges and reap exclusive rewards.

The Iron Banner Returns to Destiny with Level 32 Gear Up for Grabs

Push closer to a maxed out Guardian by playing the new PVP event.

Destiny Expansion I: The Dark Below Community Impressions

See what players at PlayStation Experience had to say about the new expansion.

Destiny: Over 22 Million Unique Characters Created To-Date

As 2014 draws to a close, Bungie provides new insight about the player community

The Iron Banner Has Returned to Destiny

Put your Guardian’s true power to the test until December 23.

The Armor, Weapons, and Ships of Destiny Expansion I: The Dark Below

Become legend with a wealth of new gear.

Destiny Expansion I: The Dark Below Now Available

New missions, weapons, gear, and more.

Get Ready for Destiny Expansion I: The Dark Below

Everything you need to know about the new expansion.

Watch the Destiny Expansion I: The Dark Below Launch Trailer

Get a glimpse of what’s to come December 9.

Check Out Destiny Expansion I: The Dark Below This Weekend at PlayStation Experience

Plus, get a peek at the new Exotic weapon and PlayStation-exclusive Strike.

Introducing New Ways to Upgrade Gear in Destiny

Latest update streamlines the process for personalizing weapons and armor.

Take a Guided Tour of Destiny’s The Dark Below Expansion with DrCrispy93

Check out some of the new content arriving on December 9.

Get a Closer Look at Destiny Expansion I: The Dark Below

Learn more about the new story quests, multiplayer maps, and more.

Check Out the Prologue to Destiny Expansion I: The Dark Below

Get a glimpse of the evil that lurks beneath our Moon’s surface.

Perform Daring Stunts in Destiny with the New EV-30 Tumbler Sparrow

Available now for Destiny Expansion Pass holders.

Try Out Destiny for Free Starting Today

Limited-time trial or demo available now.

Destiny’s Iron Banner Returns Tuesday, November 18

Put the true might of your Guardian to the test.

New Voice Chat Options Coming to Destiny

Opt-in Voice Channels arriving with upcoming update.

Destiny’s The Dark Below Expansion Detailed, Launching December 9

New story quests, weapons and gear, and more.

Upcoming Changes to Destiny’s Iron Banner

Improvements to level performance, rewards, and more.

Destiny Tops September Sales Charts, Named Most-Played PS4 Game

Plus, Guardians accounted for over 450,000 hours of streamed gameplay.

Destiny’s Weapons Receive Balance Enhancements

Changes to auto rifles, the Vex Mythoclast, and more.

Destiny: One Month Since Launch

Celebrating Destiny’s community of over 3.2 million daily players.

The Iron Banner Debuts in Destiny

Unleash the true power of your Guardian in this new Crucible playlist.

Destiny’s Latest Update Brings Cryptarch Improvements and More

Bungie introduces tweaks to engram rewards and more.

Check Out New Destiny Multiplayer Mode ’Combined Arms’ This Weekend

Starting September 19, Destiny players will gain access to an all-new competitive multiplayer mode that arms teams of six with heavy ammo and powerful vehicles.

The First Seven Days of Destiny in Numbers

Bungie reveals the first week’s worth of activities, Crucible data, and more.

Destiny Players Logged Over 100 Million Hours in the First Week

In just a week, Destiny players have broken industry and Bungie records, accounting for over 100 million hours played.

Watch the First Destiny ’Vault of Glass’ Raids LIVE

Watch as brave Guardians take on Destiny’s latest challenge, the Vault of Glass raid, which is home to rare loot and unknown enemies.

First Destiny Raid ’Vault of Glass’ Opens September 16

Bungie has announced Destiny’s first raid, where high-level Guardians will enter a mysterious new environment and battle unprecedented enemies.

Destiny Sets Records as Most Successful New Video Game Franchise of All Time

In just over 24 hours, Destiny has set industry records as the most successful new video game franchise of all time.

Unboxing the Destiny Ghost Edition

We unwrap the ultra rare collector’s edition of Destiny, which includes a wide array of digital content, collectibles, and even a fully functioning Ghost.

Buying Destiny Digitally on Last-Gen? Upgrade to Next-Gen for Free

Console transitions are a tricky time, but fortunately, we want to make it easy for you. For a limited time, you can upgrade any last-gen digital version of Destiny to the next-gen version for free.

Destiny Live Action Trailer Debuts

Three Guardians become legend to the tune of Led Zeppelin in the new live-action trailer from the director of Oblivion.

Explore the Future Worlds of Destiny with Planet View

Dive deeper into the extraterrestrial environments of Destiny with the new interactive browser experience, Planet View.

Newsweek’s Destiny Collector’s Edition Now Available

Be sure to pick up the latest special edition of Newsweek featuring exclusive art, behind-the-scenes info, and a 60 page strategy guide.

Watch the Destiny Launch Trailer

Prepare for arrival of Destiny with the new launch trailer, which features new, never-before-seen gameplay footage and more.

Destiny’s Multiplayer Detailed in New Trailer

Check out the complete range of competitive multiplayer modes coming to Destiny this September.

Destiny Beta Now Available on PS4 and PS3

Ready your Fireteam, because the Destiny beta is now available on PlayStation platforms.

Destiny Beta Detailed, New Collector’s Editions Announced

Get the rundown on the forthcoming Destiny beta and take a look at the new Collector’s Editions launching this September.